Elementary Biochem

Have you often wondered who you really, deeply, fundamentally are?  At this point in your life, are you ready at last to receive the answer?  If not, exit this page at once!

We are our biology.  Here's one among myriad examples of what's going on within each one of us zillions of times right now:

A carrier protein in a bi-lipid cell membrane bonds with a molecule, drags it thru the membrane, and releases it at the opposite side. 

 Thank your lucky stars it does so!

Paths of Love and Loss

Below is  the reaction: OH- + CH3Cl --> CH3OH + Cl-

A negatively charged hydroxyl ion (oxygen linked to a hydrogen atom) approaches methyl chloride -- a carbon atom surrounded by two hydrogen atoms  (eventually a third hydrogen on the far side of the carbon also becomes visible) and a chlorine atom that detaches and moves away at the end of the interaction.

Notice how the methyl chloride hydrogen atoms are blown back a bit, while the carbon atom welcomes the new embrace.

We're interloping on an encounter in which a new love is found and an old partner cast away.  Be careful whom else you show this to.  Jerry Falwell will fulminate if he learns of this erotic liaison!  And if that results in me being locked up in jail, i won't be able to work on this website any longer.