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I tutor high school students who are preparing to take the SAT and ACT college board exams.   I tutor also for other tests and for subjects ranging from English to math and physics.
I'm finding this work quite rewarding -- it's gratifying to help a student prepare for an exam and then find out that he or she has achieved a high score. In the fall of 2016 I began working with a group of UC Berkeley students who tutor East Bay high school students.

Over the past several years I've conducted SAT and ACT preparation classes and workshops at a number of East Bay high schools, including Berkeley High, El Cerrito High, Head-Royce, and Oakland Tech.   I've enjoyed meeting the students and also their teachers.   Teaching high school -- that's a challenging and admirable calling!
I've written a number of articles for Skeptic Magazine, Tikkun Magazine, and the Berkeley Daily Planet. Links to some of these articles are located here: Writings

I am an advocate for the public funding of biomedical research, and have worked with UC Berkeley students on a "Stem Cell Research and Public Policy" project (www.barglow.com/scrapp). Also see: Stem Cell Research Advocacy.  For entertainment, see: BioChem 101

I've written a theater piece about the life and times of my mother Hildegard, who was an actress on the German stage before emigrating to this country in the late 30s.  In the summer of 2005, we held a reading at my brother Peter's house, a few blocks away from where I live in Berkeley.  Then in 2006 we shipped the play (along with my brother and his wife Margret, Pam, co-author Joanne, and myself) over to Dresden Germany where the play was read twice at the Synagogue there.  See: Wander Theater.

To explore the origins and destiny of German social democracy a century ago, I created this website: The Promise of Social Democracy: Rosa Luxemburg, Eduard Bernstein, and Hannah Arendt

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Stem Cell Research Advocacy